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Lovely Gujrati Wedding On The Beach In Half Moon Bay












View your wedding through the IPhones of your guest

Do any of you remember going to weddings when disposable cameras were all the rage? And they were incorporated into the centerpieces? You know the ones where the bride and groom gave each table a disposable and asked them to go to town capturing all the fun moments they would miss while cutting the cake, greeting their guests, sneaking a sip of champy…you get the drift. While that was brilliant and all, the cameras usually ended up in some seven year old’s hands and all you got were pics of everyone’s knees. And a big bill after developing the pictures…

The Wedding Party App is the one stop shop for all those pictures you KNOW your guest will take. I know myself, have taken pictures of my brides walking down the isle and in 10 seconds uploaded that baby right on to facebook, now imagine ALL those people uploading them straight to this app which goes to Facebook, your wedding website, AND have your own personal candid guest shots before those perfect poses come from your photographer!




1.) Visit and set up your wedding

2.) Tell your guests to download Wedding Party from iPhone App Store

3.)  Email your family and friends and invite them to download the app and register with your wedding name.

4.) Enjoy all the photos that your family and friends take, and share them on your Facebook and Wedding Website.











Honeymoon Destinations of 2013

A place where romance wraps around you like a cloak; where you need make no decisions; where everything is done for you, and yet where solitude is as easy to find as the sea. Fiji is the perfect spot for couples looking to relax in a beautiful & secluded destination.


Croatia has a beautiful coastline, cool medieval towns, and small islands off the coast, Croatia is a dream honeymoon spot.


The Amalfi Coast captures your heart with its incredible views and cute little shops—plus, food made with love in small family-run restaurants.



St Barths is another fabulous spot!  This island has such a unique French and Caribbean culture, with boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, and white sand beaches


Last up is St Lucia! This island is green and lush.




The Do’s and Don’ts of A Big Fat Indian Wedding

Planning and attending wedding events in India comes as second nature to those that live in the land that defined the extravaganza known as The Big Fat Indian Wedding.  However, it poses to be a challenge somewhat for those that are getting married in regions other than India itself. We live abroad and no doubt have many non Indian friends that will be invited to partake in what will be a memorable day.

The Indian culture dictates many sets of “rules”.  How do you tell your non Indian guest about them? In fact, you yourself aren’t quite sure on what to do at times. We share with you some basic Indian wedding etiquette; some do’s and don’ts  you can share with your wedding guests  as they prepare to join and partake in the festivities of your special day.


  • Do wear a  colorful sari ladies / men a suit or nice dress slacks, and tie will suffice.
  • Do remove shoes upon entry to a religious venue (Temple or Mosque) as it is required.
  • Do bring a scarf , shawl or wrap. Sacred ceremonies sometimes require covering the head.
  • Do observe modesty in attire for the ceremony itself  as a sign respect.
  • Don’t wear plunging necklines , bare shoulder.
  • Don’t wear short skirts as sometimes guests must sit on the floor.
  • Don’t wear a  white and black sari  as they indicate mourning.
  • Don’t wear a red sari, the traditional color for the bride.


  • Do observe the bride and groom’s request of “no boxed gifts” .
    • Monetary gifts are acceptable in increments that end in 1 as they are considered lucky    ( $21, $51, $101 and so on)
  • Don’t recycle gifts.


  • Do have fun and enjoy yourself!
  • Do present yourself briefly to the newlyweds as Indian weddings often are quite large in size, and can make it difficult for the couple to find everyone.
  • Don’t expect to kiss the bride.


  • Do expect a vegetarian meal If the ceremony is at a Hindu or Sikh temple.
  • Do accept “karah prashad” ,blessed food , by receiving in cupped hands or in your right hand ; transferring it into your other hand and eating it with the right.
  • Don’t leave the wedding or reception without eating anything as it will be perceived as rude to eat nothing at all. Taking part in the wedding feast as a guest, is a part of bringing good luck to the couple
  • Do drink responsibly

We at Our Vaada strive to bring to light and share with you, our readers, a variety of traditions, customs and insight into making the most magical, memorable and momentous occasion that happens in one’s life a success.  The most important thing to remember when attending an Indian fare is to know that it’s a happy and festive occasion.  The newlyweds and their family may invite you as a guest, but will consider and treat you as family. Embrace the family, embrace the culture and have fun!




{Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding}

  Kinjal and Sandip were married on a nice July day at the incredible Liquid Sky Estates and were one of the most fun, laid-back and in-love couples I’ve ever worked with.  The view behind the mandap was just breathe taking! I could see they were so in tune with each other, just genuinely happy to be together. Their outdoor ceremony was  just beautiful. C













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Wedding Day Advice

Months , weeks and sleepless nights of planning , selecting the perfect outfits, tasting the vast amount of food , cake, ladoos and jalebis, to  perhaps heated discussions with your parents on cutting their list of 1000 guests to 250 …It’s finally here – your wedding day! Even with all of the planning in the world, there are bound to be situations beyond your control that will not go exactly as planned. Keeping a calm collective frame of mind may seem difficult if not impossible. Remember, it’s Okay. This day will be perfect regardless of what transpires.

We’ve spoken to some blushing brides that have now become new wives and asked them for the one piece of advice they would offer to a bride on her wedding day. Throughout our conversations, one theme resonated over and over ~ Relax and have fun~

See what gems they have to offer below:

Take deep breaths. There will always be something unplanned that will happen. Take a minute or two to breathe and get your mind to a place where you can think clearly. Everyone is there to share and celebrate your new beginning as husband and wife.

Do something relaxing.  Plan a spa visit, take a walk, meditate — do whatever makes you feel at ease!  Relax and enjoy your wedding day! Don’t get so worked up that you can’t enjoy with your friends, family and soon to be spouse the wedding that took you months to plan and execute.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  No one but YOU will notice if anything goes wrong.  All of your guests will think it’s part of the act.  So play along and act the part. You’ll look back and have a fond memory, a great story and a laugh to share.

Have a good night’s sleep: This may seem easier said than done, but it’s essential to setting the tone of the entire day ahead. Lack of sleep will be the first trigger to feeling overwhelmed and not in control. Remember, not only is that crucial for your mental and physical well being, it will have a domino effect to other factors during that day.

Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding and just have fun: Everything’s already been discussed, settled and arranged. Now’s the time to let go of control and be your own guest. It’s a lot more fun that way, and you can both really be in the moment and enjoy the hours with each other and your family and friends.”

No matter what kind of big day you have planned, there’s bound to be a bit of stress involved. Remember these two things first of all; it’s normal to have stress on a big day. Second, remember, you are surrounded by family and friends that love you. There is no need to feel embarrassed if everything does not go perfectly. And last, you can’t control external factors, but you can control how you react internally. Put it in perspective, lighten up and laugh about it. Someday, it will make a great story to tell the grand kids.



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